sticker materials

Glossy / Matte

This is our standard vinyl sticker. You can choose between matte or glossy laminate for the sticker. The material is suitable for promotional use as well as other everyday sticker needs. The material is UV protected, so it can withstand outdoor exposure without fading in the sun. The laminate is durable, so it can withstand abrasion and moisture. The adhesive surface of the sticker is strong, but the sticker can be removed when needed without leaving significant adhesive residue.

Hi-Tack  (Glossy / Matte)

This is your choice when the sticker is subjected to heavy wear and tear, or if the mounting surface is coated with powder coating. The sticker has the same laminate as our regular vinyl sticker, so it can withstand exposure to sunlight, abrasion, and moisture. The adhesive is significantly stronger than in a normal vinyl sticker, making it difficult to remove the sticker without leaving marks on the mounting surface.

Glueless Vinyl Sticker

The glueless vinyl sticker is suitable for applications where no adhesive can be used and for short-term mounting. The material features patented suction technology, allowing it to adhere to nearly any surface, yet it can be removed without leaving adhesive residue. The sticker can be repositioned multiple times, allowing for repeated use. This material is not laminated, so its abrasion resistance is slightly lower compared to other materials. The surface of the material is matte.

Transfer Film / Text Stickers

Text stickers are made from pre-dyed vinyls. Currently, you have the option of white, black, red, blue, silver, gold, and frosted vinyl. These are dyed-through vinyls, so they withstand sunlight without fading. They are therefore ideal for outdoor use, such as on boats, cars, or windows. The stickers are delivered with transfer film, which helps in attaching the sticker to the final mounting surface.

Children’s Name Label

The material is a thin vinyl sticker with an extremely strong adhesive. It is designed to withstand long periods on the clothing’s neckline. The material is washing machine washable. The sticker is not laminated to keep it as thin as possible.