custom stickers

Throw any idea at our Captain – he’ll make a sticker out of it for you!

With our +10 year sticker printing experience we have created the ultimate custom sticker creating service Рfor you, to convert any idea into a custom printed sticker, as effortlessly as possible. Industry standard printers and vinyl cutters ensures top-notch quality.

Now go create some stickers!

Pick your super power: Custom Sticker, Cut-to-shape Text, or Easy Sticker

Design, create and/or upload your own content! Create high quality, bullet-proof laminated stickers, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


4.90 EUR

Pure text stickers Рno graphics, no background. Elegant & simple. Cut to shape. Applied with transfer-tape. 


14.90 eur

When you just want your stickers with minimal effort. No stress.  Let the Captain do the hard work.


49.90 eur

Special purpose stickers for your most special needs. Kids’ Name Tag Sticker.

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All of my sticker wishes came true

Betty Curlybrackets

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These are quite sticky!


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I’m happy with my new shiny stickers!