Product information

You can add your own image file or photo, choose from our clipart library or write any text – or design a combo using all of these!

The grey area in the editor above is cut away. What you see is what you get. The sticker is completaly cut to shape (for this upload a png file with transparent background, or upload an svg vector file). Delivered on square back paper.

We only use high quality vinyl materials. All stickers are coated with premium glossy or matte laminate (make you choice in the editor) for a superb finish. This makes the stickers scratch resistant and also gives them a very good UV-coating that last for years.

Uploaded image quality – PPI

We perform an automated check on your uploaded image files. See the reference table below for a guideline on the used resolution.

Great quality, good for anything!
Good quality, good for almost all use cases.
Ok for bigger stickers, or if viewed from a distance.
Below 150
Small stickers will look fuzzy, if viewed from close. Ok for large stickers.